October 21, 2016

Nighttime Greenhouse Peek

 Nighttime temperatures are changing rapidly. Today's high was 75º and work can pick up.
This afternoon I raked pine straw that was falling like rain in front of this morning's wind.

 Summering outside was good for my Staghorn fern. It tends to look sad by winter's end, a vacation under trees and good rainfall gave it new life.

 Underneath the the Staghorn are cuttings. Purple Heart looks good, Persian Shield is kind of sad and I think the Porterweeds will be to discard, despite one being secure in the soil as if it is putting on roots. There are more cuttings, in water. They do not look so weary as these.

Another Tradescantia with finer leaves, new this year from my Alabama friend Kathy, hangs off the shelf on the East wall. The inevitable tomato plant crawls across the the topmost shelf. It's been trimmed and has a single fruit so far. The ladder is from where I put in new light bulbs. I wish there was room to leave it.

Tomato on the north wall has blooms, no fruit. I am hopeful.

I like the new light bulbs. No globes because of the weight.

Anytime after next weekend Hyacinth bulbs can come out of the refrigerator to rest in little pots and grow roots. I hope for Christmas bloom. Usually they bloom after Christmas because I can never get bulbs soon enough. These are a new 'speriment at maturing bulbs in their pots to see if they'll set buds for a second year. Other bulbs are on order for later.

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